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Domain Names

Domain Names serve as a phone book address for the Internet.
Technically, it translates the IP (Internet Protocol) address code information to readable and understandable language.

Search & Register

The first thing you need to develop a website is a Domain Name.

  1. Search for available Domain Names
  2. Once you find a Domain Name, set up an account and buy it.
  3. Contact us to discuss designing a website.

Domain Name Search

Domain Names

What to consider ?

  • A Domain Name should be easy to remember.
  • If the Domain Name is critical to your business (e-commerce, for example), you should carefully consider how you name of your business and how marketing your product or service on the web ties into the name. If it is, buy a name that reflects what it is you are selling.
  • If possible, purchase a ‘.com’ Domain Name that closely matches your business name or product.
  • Consider buying MORE THAN ONE domain name, in order to protect both your business name and, if possible, your product name.
  • Try to buy a Domain Name that is both easy to spell and pronounce. If you have a hard time pronouncing it, so will your customers.
  • Domain Names are not expensive, so if you want to protect your business, product or service, buy names that are similar, including the .com, .net, and .org extensions.
  • In order to protect your domain name, set up auto renewal and buy it for as many years as you like.

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