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5 Instagram Features That Bring Your Photos and Videos To Life

5 Instagram Features That Bring Your Photos and Videos To Life

  Instagram is making it increasingly easy to turn ho-hum photos into beautiful, creative photos that are more than worthy of sharing with the world. As a business there’s little reason not to give it a try. Let’s look at just five of the features that make Instagram a great way to market your business visually. #1. Filters At the heart of Instagram is it’s filter feature. The app offers 24 beautiful filters that can really make an ordinary photo pop, just with the click of a button. Here you see an unedited photo I took for a client using my iPhone.   With one click I’ve added the Clarendon filter to this same photo in Instagram and just like that my rather dull photo is now looking quite dazzling! #2 Tools Not everyone wants to apply a filter though, in fact some resources will tell you that photos without filters perform better. In that case perhaps you just want to tweak your photo with one of the great tools Instagram offers including adjustments to saturation, contrast, shadows, sharpen and more. Here’s a client photo taken in their showroom. The lighting isn’t the greatest in there! Here’s that same photo after I adjusted the brightness. #3 Video Another great feature is the ability to add video. Again, Instagram makes this even better by allowing users to apply all the same filters and tools to your videos as well. Here’s a video I took of the Spirit & Light Fountain at the Convent of The Sisters of St. Margaret. Take a moment to watch, it’s ridiculously relaxing! A video posted... read more

8 Tips To Help Businesses Use Facebook More Efficiently

Facebook can be a powerful marketing and customer service tool for businesses. Learning to use Facebook more efficiently is a welcome skill for anyone, but especially for the small business owner whose wearing many hats.¬† Here are 8 tips to get you started.   1. Let Facebook Fit Into Your Natural Routine. You don’t have to be sitting at a computer for long periods working on Facebook. Set aside a half hour, even 15 minutes once or twice a day if you can to log onto Facebook from your desktop when you’d normally be doing other things on the computer. Use that Facebook time to focus on your page’s newsfeed since you can’t get that on your phone. Scan your newsfeed for things to like and share and comment on. Your goal with this time is to get your name seen by other pages and their followers and to engage in conversation. It’s also a great time to spread goodwill. Tell that business down the street you love their window display, comment on a photo, congratulate on an award. Doing so makes those businesses much more likely to reciprocate. Use your the Facebook pages app on your phone to check in periodically with your page. It takes 20 seconds (if that) to open up the app and look for the red notification that tells you if you’ve had engagement since you last logged on. Take 2 more minutes to ‘like’ someone’s comment or respond to a question or post. It takes just a minute or two to snap a photo with your phone. How about a dish you’re about... read more

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