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12 Days of Tech – Day 2

Day 2 in our 12 Days of Tech bring the Artful Agenda plannere

Let’s talk planners. The second tool in my #12daysoftech is the Artful Agenda. It’s the planner I’m using for 2020. There is a desktop and mobile app version that is super convenient and I love the day, week, month views with areas for lists, meal, and water tracking and more. The best feature is that it […]

12 Days of Tech Tools

12 Days of Tech Tools. We're counting down to 2020 with a list of 12 tools I use daily.

Over the next 12 days as we count down to 2020 I’ll be sharing 12 of my (April’s) favorite tech tools. These are the apps and tools I use on a daily basis both personally and to manage our social media clients here at CMC. First up on day one is Trello! Trello is a […]