One of my favorite memories of my son is when he was three and I asked him if he’d like to go play mini golf and he very seriously replied, “no thank you, I’d like to play Mickey golf.”  Then there was the time he was filling out valentines for school and came to a kid named Michael. So it’s To: Michael, From: Jaxson. He holds up the card and says “Mom I better write out my last name on this one. I don’t want this kid to think I’m sayin he’s the king of pop!”

Valentine card

Recently I overheard that now eight year old offer to pay my five year old daughter a whopping $5 to clean his room. My daughter stepped in his room and suggested $10. My son said “no way, it’s $4 now for arguing.” My daughter, who doesn’t even understand the value of money calmly replied, “Well maybe you should clean my room or I’ll tell Mom you play Minecraft on Xbox before she wakes up.”  Yup, that’s how things go down in my house.

Today though, today was a good one. It’s a Monday morning and everyone is almost ready for school. I’m trying to dry my daughter’s hair and I’m telling her about my day ahead and that I’m a little stressed. I should mention that I believe in letting my kids see me struggle and work hard.  I don’t put the weight of the world on their shoulders by any means, but I let them see me struggle sometimes. They see me set and achieve goals (hello half marathon!) AND mess up (trashcan, meet my cardboard-like muffins). So I’m in the bathroom this morning telling my daughter how I have a big call with a potential client and I’m not sure I’m ready for it. It’s nothing heavy, just a quick comment as I’m turning off the hair dryer. My beautiful Izabella reaches up, puts both hands on my face and pulls me down so we’re eye to eye and says with a light in her eyes; “But Mom, today could be your day to sparkle.”

Today could be your day to sparkle Instagram

Today could be your day to sparkle. I’ve been thinking about that all day. That little pocket of wisdom helped kicked my butt into gear. I mean she’s right, right? Why does today have to be anything less than that which we choose to make of it? We can stress out and be a grump, or we can sparkle and thrive. The choice is ours. I’m often telling the kids that “your attitude affects people.” Leave it to my five year old to remind me it not only affects ‘people’, it affects ME!  That simple unassuming comment is the essence of my girl; wisdom, innocence and a boatload of sass!

I can’t wait to see what they come out with tomorrow. I’m hedging my bets it’s more of the swindling and less of the sparkle, but that’s OK. I can make my own sparkle!

Oh, and I rocked the prospect call. 😉

Sparkle on friends,