Sharing photos and graphics on Facebook is a great way to boost fan engagement on your page. Facebook’s own research shows that Photo albums get 180%, and individual photos get 120% more engagement than other content posted.

With this in mind you can probably think of a half dozen times where you’ve shared content from a page you follow, and that page had shared the content from one they follow. If you’ve done this before then you’ve probably noticed, and are maybe frustrated by the fact that, when you share shared photos, the status update that was posted by the page you like doesn’t appear on your own page after you share it.


Let me explain.  There’s an example from just the other day that will highlight the process. On Memorial Day I shared a photo that Small Business Saturday posted to their Facebook page. I liked the idea of sharing a list of veteran owned businesses but I really wanted to write my own message with it, which you can see below. Notice that it says Coastal Mountain Creative shared Small Business Saturday’s photo.

Example of a shared photo on Facebook

I’m happy to say that one of my fans liked it enough to then share it on their page (this would be sharing a shared photo). But when they shared the photo from my page, my message did not show up on their page with the photo. This is because they were actually sharing the original photo, not my post. Notice their share also says Cape Kaleidoscopes shared Small Business Saturday’s photo (not Coastal Mountain Creative’s) and that what I wrote in my status update does not appear in the Cape Kaleidoscopes post below. The photo stays attached to the original source (which is great!).

Example of sharing a shared post on Facebook

Often times when people or businesses share a photo they want the status update to share with the photo. This saves them from having to write as much themselves and also allows them to give the page they like a little extra high five.

So how do you get the status update to appear with a photo? Well it won’t on it’s own. but its very easy to work around:

Before you hit share, highlight and copy what the person/business wrote in their status update to go along with the photo you are now going to share. Then hit share.

Now you can see the photo you are going to share and you also have the status box above it. Type in your own message if you want then write something simple that mentions or references the status update from the person/business you are sharing. Then paste in that message. Iff you use their business name, be sure to tag them!

So again using the photo from above you can see that Cape Kaleidoscopes wrote the nice little message but they intended what I wrote to appear below and it did not. All they needed to do was copy my message before hitting share and then write their own and then paste mine after. I often will say something like “What a great message from XXX”. I’ve provided an example of how it would all look below.

Proper way to share a shared photo and keep the status

Both Dennis Parasail and Jet Ski and Hampton Beach Parasail are clients of mine and are also sister companies.

1. This is the original post from the Navy Seals
2. This is what Dennis Parasail wrote when they originally shared the NAVY Seal Foundation photo.
3. This is what Hampton Beach Parasail wrote, tagging Dennis Parasail and then copying and pasting Dennis Parasail’s status update below theirs.

Make sense? It’s a simple copy and paste prior to sharing. Be sure to tag wherever you can. Still have questions……that’s what I’m here for. Comment below or reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter, email, or the good old fashioned phone at 508-744-5114.