In July Facebook announced a new feature called Save.  The feature allows Facebook users to bookmark a link, place, music, TV show, event or movies and easily access that piece of content at a later time. I’m taking a moment to write about it now because it didn’t get a ton of press and quite honestly I’m still seeing a lot of my friends and clients type “following” as a comment, or sharing an article and stating “sharing now so I can read later”, so that the content shows up in their activity log.  Hey everyone, that’s no longer necessary!

The Save feature can be accessed on either a mobile device or a desktop. You save an item in the same way on either type of device by simply clicking the down arrow on the top right and choosing to Save. Here are examples from my phone and desktop.

Save feature on a mobile deviceFacebook Save on a desktop


My favorite thing about the Save feature is that it’s private. Only you see the items you’ve saved unless you share them. This is obviously different than if you comment on an article or share an article so they appear in your activity log, your friends can see those actions.

You can access your saved items from any device you access Facebook on but you do access them a bit differently from mobile to desktop.

On a mobile device you need to click on more which is located on the bottom right of your screen. Then click Saved.

Accessing your Saved items in Facebook

On your desktop you simply go to your News Feed and it appears in the left column as below.

Accessing saved items on Facebook desktop

Another great thing about this saved feature is that it should really show Facebook what you feel is quality content (cause you know they’re tracking this right?!).

So that’s it.  It’s pretty simple yet it could really change the way you use Facebook, and more importantly, how you manage your time on Facebook.  Now the next time you see a great article in your news feed while standing in the check out line, you can simply save it to read later and not worry about having to remember, or scroll through hours of news feed items to find it again. If you’ve tried it, let us know how you like it, if you haven’t…..what are you waiting for?