A great many Facebook page owners I know been waiting for the ability to reply directly to comments on their page. Finally the day has come! As an admin of a Facebook page you will soon see a notification on your page directing you to “Turn On Replies.”

Direct replies to Facebook comments, reply links on Facebook

Click Turn On to enable direct replies to comments on your Facebook page

This is a great feature as it allows pages to better interact with their audience and directly respond to people who leave comments without tagging them or having to leave a general comment on the post. When you reply to a comment it creates a nested thread between you and the commenter. The thread is public for all to see but again, the idea is to create a more personal connection between your brand and an individual interacting with your page.

Facebook replies, Facebook reply

Facebook replies allow direct interaction with someone who has commented on your page.

In our experience with the Facebook pages we administer, some pages are automatically seeing the reply feature right away. Other pages seem to have a delay between enabling the function and seeing the reply appear in their posts. Just be patient, we’ve only seen it take a few hours at most for the functionality to be live.

One thing you’ll want to note is that Facebook reply is currently only available on the desktop. The feature is not yet (though hopefully soon) enabled for the graph API and mobile. What a great day that will be when the reply feature is turned on for mobile use. Given that you also cannot tag people from a mobile device in the Facebook pages app, the reply feature will be truly a value add.

It’s also important to realize that your conversation threads will be reordered so that the most active threads will rise to the top of a thread. This is to further encourage dialog and provide a more relevant experience for users. This means that conversation threads may appear differently to each person based upon the amount of positive feedback (likes and comments) on a thread, connections to people in a thread (friends who have commented), or even negative feedback (spam reports in a thread or comments marked as spam by page owners). This idea may worry some page owners but it really should provide a better experience for your audience overall.

So off you go! Go create some conversations and see what happens. If for some odd reason you don’t see this feature notification on your page….don’t worry. It will appear automatically (even for those that opt out) by July 10th. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us by emailing april@coastalmountaincreative.com, or even better….head over to our Facebook page and comment there! www.facebook.com/CoastalMountainCreative