Instagram ads are here and rolling out slowly to businesses! Instagram ads will be managed through the Power Editor within the Facebook advertising platform. If you aren’t currently utilizing the Power Editor (it’s really worth it) then feel free to reach out to me for assistance. Instagram Ads will appear as an option when you create a campaign in Power Editor. You’ll select “Clicks to Website” as your objective and you’ll see “Ads for Instagram” as an option. If you don’t see Instagram Ads in your power editor, don’t worry. The rollout will take time to get to everyone.

Things to consider as you prepare your Instagram ad strategy:

  1. Instagram Ad Formats – You’ll have three options for Instagram ad formats; Image Ads, Video Ads and Carousel Ads (multiple photos). The image below is an example from the Instagram blog. Start thinking about the visuals you have currently available and be making lists of those you want to source. If you need help creating visuals see my previous post about starting with quote graphics here.

Instagram Ad formats

2. Instagram Video – Instagram is changing the length of videos for advertisements from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. This should really change what you’re able to convey in a video and is a real win for larger brands with a strong presence in television.

3. Visual Orientation – Remember the recent changes to the photo formats Instagram rolled out. You can now share photos (and videos) in both portrait and landscape mode. Get a refresher on all the updates via my other post 5 Instagram Features That Bring Your Photos and Videos to Life.

4. Craft a great call to action – Instagram is providing several options for direct response including: ‘Shop Now’, ‘Install Now’, ‘Sign Up’, and ‘Learn More’. The ‘Learn More’ option really opens up a world of possibilities for the creative marketer!

5. Instagram Ads may not be right for you – Just because the option is there, doesn’t mean you have to use it. If advertising on Instagram doesn’t fit your strategy and doesn’t feel right then don’t force it. Put your money elsewhere. But if it does, then now is the time to get on the ball!

Interested in testing some Instagram ads on your audience? Reach out to me, I’d love to work with you! Of course I always invite you to connect with me as well on Twitter and Facebook.