Facebook has rolled out the ability to edit previous posts on a Facebook page.  I can now utilize this function for all of the pages we manage and in speaking with several other page managers it appears that most everyone now has this capability.  Hopefully if you’re reading this and manage a page, you’re in this group as well!

This functionality allows you to go back and edit a post that has already been published to your page.  Its a much needed update, one that’s sure to save page managers much time and frustration!  Try as you might typos happen and it’s been a bummer thus far to have to copy and paste a post, perhaps re-upload a photo or insert links in a new post, then go back and delete the original post, and lose any likes and comments…..all because you left out a key word, used the wrong tense, or heaven forbid messed up there, their, or they’re!

There are some things to keep in mind regarding this new ability to edit posts on Facebook pages.

1) People viewing your posts CAN tell the’ve been edited.  I went to my page and edited one so I could highlight how an edited post appears.

Example of how other people can see your Facebook post has been edited


2) People viewing an edited post can also click on the word ‘edited’ to see the edit history.


Edit history on a Facebook post

As you can see in the post I tested on our own page, I made two edits. I did this so that you can see the time stamp placed on each of the edits.  You can also see what I changed.  So the first edit I decided to add additional detail, in the second edit I added the ‘s’ on ‘your’.  The reason I call this out is to help you understand the implications of this functionality over the course of time.  A simple typo edit here and there is fine, happens to everyone.  But if you’re editing posts day after day, needing to add additional detail, or clearly editing a particular page manager’s “voice”….your audience will know!

3) There currently isn’t a way to remove the edit history from a post, or change privacy settings to disable the edit history from your page.  So going back to number two, be careful how you use this feature!  People will know if you change your “click like if you’ve had enough of this snow” post to “click like if you love our XYZ product”, and they won’t be happy.

So there you  have it, happy editing! Let us know if you have questions or comments, we’re here to help.