Facebook has begun notifying some pages that on Feb. 20th admin names will be placed next to their posts and comments on Facebook pages.  This is internal to the administration of the page (meaning only admins see this), it’s unbeknownst  to page followers.  Here’s an example of the notification Facebook pages are receiving:

Facebook posts names of admins next to posts


This feature will not be retroactive so only posts and comments made on or after Feb. 20th will identify the admin name.  Admin names will appear below the name of the page, next to the “Posted by”.  Admin names will also appear next to comments that are posted on behalf of the page as well as in the activity log next to posts that are scheduled to appear in the future.

Keep in mind that this feature is not a full roll out on Feb. 20th.  Not all pages have received the notification or will see the change take affect on the 20th.  Sit tight, the feature will make it to your page at some point!

You might be asking yourself, what does this mean for a page and how do I use it? In my opinion this is a great addition to the features of a business page.  I believe this has much more value to a page owner than say the “Pages to Watch” feature I posted about recently here, and is right up there in usefulness with the Edit button in the activity feed which I blogged about as well here (which has yet to go prove its value since it still hasn’t fully rolled out).

For pages with multiple admins the benefit is quite simply, accountability. Admins now have accountability for the content they publish and the comments they post on pages. Businesses can see who is contributing and at what frequency compared to other admins.  Accountability can take many forms though and for employees that wish to further their career as a content generator this is a great thing.  You now have the ability to document your success in generating content that spurs people to engage. Yes you’re part of a team but now your employer (or client) can see the value of your contributions.  Employers now have the ability to look over content that has been shared and comments that have been posted and potentially use this information to promote employees, or reward a job well done.  Businesses that outsource their social media management to a firm have the ability to look at their page and identify which admin seems to align best with their corporate “voice” and ask for that admin to spend more time on their account.

So embrace this new feature when it rolls out to your page!  If you’ve thought of another great use for it or have questions about it’s functionality, don’t hesitate to comment on this post below, or over on our Facebook Page.