What’s your morning routine?  Get up, exercise, shower, kids out the door and off to work, right?  That’s the morning routine you tell people but what happens when you FIRST wake up?  If you’re like most people (62% in fact), you immediately reach for your smartphone.  Yes, you read that right. According to an IDC Study 62% of people reach for their smartphones immediately after waking.  79%
Don't Become a Victim of the Morning Deletewithin 15 minutes.  Now in our defense, (notice I said “our”) many people have done away with alarm clocks (myself included) and use the alarm on their phone, so of course we reach for it immediately!

What happens after we turn off the alarm, is something you as a marketer should consider because we certainly don’t put just the phone down! We check our social media AND we check email.  That first check of email in the morning is used as a screening. We quickly sift through and delete as many emails as we can and leave only those we are most interested in reading on our desktop, or when we have more time.

My point is, do you want to get deleted as part of a morning routine?  If you know a little bit more about user behavior and routine, is early morning the best time to send an email?  A great message is a waste if it’s never seen.  Stop and think about what you’re putting out, and when.  This probably isn’t the best time for your monthly newsletter which honestly may not make the ‘must read’ list.  On the flip side, if your message is just that good, it might be the best time to send that email because you know a vast amount of your audience will see it in their inbox.

One thing is for certain, if you do send an email first thing in the morning you best be sure you have a kick a** call to action and an even better subject line!

Oh and I’d be remiss not to round back to social media in this post.  That same IDC study found that 77% of people rated reading their Facebook newsfeed as their top activity.  People check Facebook an average of 8 times a day during the week and 17 times during the weekend.  So while you may decide to hold off on sending that email first thing in the morning, you may also have a better shot of getting that content read if you post it to your Facebook business page!

Think about your audience…..consider their age, demographics, behavior.  Think about your message……consider if it’s an offer, news, strong call to action.

Cutting through the clutter is difficult these days.  Arm yourself with knowledge to make thoughtful, informed decisions that set you up for the best possible chance of success.

As always, I’m here to help.