Create Quick & Easy Quote Graphics with these simple steps


I recently read a great post on Jeff Bullas Blog titled 10 Types of Visual Social Media Posts That Get Shared Like Crazy. It had some great information in it so I shared it on my social media pages. It’s since occurred to me that many people, whether new to social media or simply busy, probably assume they can’t do half of the things suggested in Jeff’s post.  So before that assumption gets too ingrained, let’s prove it wrong!

So here goes, let’s start with a real simple one – Quote Graphics.

Quote graphics are hugely popular on social media and oh so easy to create. You honestly don’t need any sort of design background to create most of the quote graphics you see on social media.

Before you can create a graphic though you need a quote to work with. A quick search on Google for “Quote Graphics” turned up a whopping 40,900,000 results in less than a second. You should have plenty of quotes to chose from! Just remember to put the author’s name with the quote to give credit where due.

quote_graphics_-_Google_SearchIf a Google search is a little too broad for you then check out Curated Quotes. This site organizes quotes by topic, category, famous people and more. Yet another source for you is Brainy Quote. You can search by author or topic. If you really don’t want to do this yourself, you could also just share some of their quote graphics….but don’t sell yourself short, you can do this on your own!

Once you have a quote you just need to pick your preferred design tool. There are many to choose from online and once you find them you’ll honestly be wondering why you haven’t tried this before. It’s pretty amazing to see what you can create.  My favorite design tool is by far Canva. Canva is super duper easy to use. If you can point, click, upload, and select fonts from a dropdown, you can use Canva! I’ve created tons of images for my clients and it’s fast, easy and they look beautiful. Here are a few examples of ones I’ve created recently. The first one was a free background that I just added a quote to. No charge, took me 3 minutes start to finish. The second is a quote I loved but didn’t have an image for it and I felt it needed a little more than a basic background. Canva has a HUGE library of images, and stickers and even entire layouts that you can purchase. Each element is just $1. This is such a great deal. I purchased the image of the man climbing for $1. I probably spent 10 min sifting through their library (which you can search by keyword) to find an image I liked. For the third one I simply uploaded my client’s photo and added the quote over it. I honestly probably spent 15-20 minutes playing around with font types to find just the look I wanted. It was free to create.

Mary Oliver   Coastal Mountain Creative Steve Jobs Quote


Matthew 6-6

PicMonkey is another tool I use. I would actually say, if its possible, PicMonkey might even be a little easier than Canva to use. You sacrifice a little in design options and layouts (in my opinion) but, for quote graphics especially, you won’t notice a difference.  Here’s a screenshot of the easy design navigation with PicMonkey.


It works in much the same way as Canva and most of the tools out there. You upload or select a photo and drag and drop elements onto your image to adjust it to your liking. The only real downside for me with PicMonkey is that it doesn’t keep a library of the images you create, Canva does.

One big tip you’ll want to remember is to create a new text box for each font you want to use. So for the image above with the chair and bed, there are a total of 5 text boxes in that image. That allowed me to change the font on the words Pray, Father and Matthew. You can then move the text boxes around so they align the way you want them. It gives you much more flexibility and makes it easier for you to format your font around the other items in your image.

Don’t forget to give yourself credit for your image! If you’re lucky your image might just resonate with people and be shared over and over.  So pick a signature or perhaps your web address or Twitter handle and include that in smaller font somewhere on the image so people can always trace it back to you.

After you create the quote graphic you download it to your desktop as a jpg or png and post away!

Oh my gosh I almost forgot to mention that both Canva and PicMonkey automatically size your images for the social media platform of your choosing. This means you can create a perfectly sized quote graphic for any social media platform the first time, every time!

There you have it. Much easier than you expected isn’t it? Go ahead, get designing!  Be sure to share some of your quote graphics with me, you can share them to my Facebook page or Tweet them to me.