I was scanning through my newsfeed on Facebook this morning and came across this image posted by a local salon.

how to write a better Facebook post


Now let me start by saying the image didn’t have anything written in the status, they simply posted the image.  It’s a classic example of writing for yourself and not your audience.  I’m sure the salon knows all the details of this great event but they forgot that their audience does not.  I don’t have curly hair but I have a few friends that do and some of them can be tough to tame so the headline here certainly gets the attention of people with curly hair, but then what?  Say I do have curly hair, and it does need some help.  This image leaves me with more questions than answers.

Is this a wash, dry, blow out, are you training me how to tame my curls? Why do I need to call right away?  Space is limited….FOR WHAT?

Remember folks, you’re writing for your audience.  Take a step back and ask yourself what you would need to know if you were the customer.

We have the date and time. Check.

We have the location…sort of.  What if a fan shares this to their newsfeed and I see it there? I’m not suggesting you have to put your location in every single post, but this is an event with a small window.  It’s a call to action.  If it were me I’d assume (and hope) people outside of my current customers see this and I’d want to make sure they can find me easily.  This post should have the address (even if in tiny print at the bottom).

Now we need the what.  “Join master stylist April M as she shows you how to tame those curls in three easy steps.” “Call Salon XYZ for 1/2 off a blow out.” “Our product experts will demonstrate new products for managing curly hair.”

Finally….the who.  Ok so this is on the XYZ salon page so you could say its obvious to everyone whose event this is.  Technically when you do share a post it does say at the top, ABC shared XYZ’s post….however that’s in pretty small print and not everyone notices that. Why chance it?  What if someone downloads this image (like I did) and posts it to another social media site?  There’s no name in the image above right?  Again, why chance it?  This is an event and it’s a great opportunity for social sharing.  It’s very simple to include your name in the content of the image.

There is certainly something to be said for brevity in a Facebook post…..but this is an event with a call to action and a big opportunity for sharing.  Put on your customer hat and write from their perspective. Then run it by a fresh pair of eyes before posting.

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